Community Service Coordinator/Probation Counselor

Prineville, OR

Department:     Juvenile

Reports To:       Juvenile Director

Classification:   Non-Exempt

Salary:              $23.39 - $26.33  Hourly 

  •  Job Purpose

The Community Service Coordinator/Probation Counselor provides community service coordination which includes developing, coordinating and integrating the community service program into various work sites, as well as supervising the work crews and recording the progress each youth has made toward completing court orders.  Additionally, this position performs professional probation and diversion casework services, emphasizing client accountability, community protection, and client competency and productivity.  The position also provides a facilitator for two established programs offered by the department. This position demands a person who is flexible, capable, of good moral character, and who has the ability to work with youths and their families, respecting their rights to confidentiality and providing prompt, courteous service.

·         Number of Employees reporting to this position:  0

  •  Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities: 
  • Develops strategies to attract and maintain community placements. 
  • Reviews youth’s referral for community service and makes appropriate placement based on their history, keeping accurate time reports depicting completion or progress of community service requirements.
  • Trains and monitors youth on assignments, maintaining the tools and vehicle needed for the crew. 
  • Supervises youth or crews during work site project or meets with placement supervisor to assure expectations are clear.
  • Provides on-site intake services for youths taken into custody and referred to the department.  Makes release or detain decision for youths taken into custody according to policy and statute.
  • Maintains ongoing contact with assigned caseload of delinquent youths and their families.  Responsible for accurate record keeping of official court files.
  • Conducts personal interviews with referred youth and their families, offering services to assist youths in diversion from the Juvenile Court System.
  • Presents the facts of the case to the court and evaluates and makes recommendations to the Court regarding placement of youths in shelter, foster care, child care centers and institutional placements.  Prepares necessary Court documents including petitions, orders and court reports.
  • Confers with department staff, school officials, mental health, DHS and other agencies and individuals relative to individual cases in outlining treatment and care programs to insure court orders and requirements are being met and public safety is not compromised.
  • Provides 24 hour on –call on a rotating basis.
  • Performs urinalyses for the purpose of juvenile drug testing and record results in the youth offender’s file and report to the court when required.
  • Performs secure transports of delinquent youths in a county owned vehicle and all times must drive in a safe, law abiding and vigilant and professional manner. 
  • Interacts to diffuse client aggression and arrests, or assists with arrests.
  • While providing transport, employee shall assure custody of youth offenders by maintaining security of sharp instruments and potential weapons.  Being alert to youth offender’s behavior, alerting staff and requesting assistance when necessary, indicating preparation for or execution of escape, or behavior that could escalate to assaultive or other dangerous incidents.
  • Employee is expected to conduct himself/herself in a professional manner, as a role model for other staff and youth offenders.  Professional conduct includes but is not limited to:  reliability; dependability; regular and punctual attendance in order to provide consistent services; provide public safety; neat personal appearance; treating all humans with respect; and being a law-abiding citizen.
  • Evaluate and process referrals made to “Boys’ Council” groups for acceptance into the program and facilitate these groups during the school year.  Participation and progress will be documented in JJIS and reported to the primary counselors.
  • Arrange location, presenters, and supplies for on-going “Keeping It Real” groups and screen youths for acceptance into the group.  Employee will facilitate these groups and record attendance and other pertinent information into JJIS and to the primary counselors.
  • Performs other work as outlined by the Juvenile Department Director.
  • Skills, Knowledge and Abilities: 
  • Possess thorough knowledge of correction principles and practices and methods of treating behavioral and adjustment problems in youth.
  • Knowledge of community resources and supervision methods which would effectively divert youth from entering the Juvenile Court System or provide the youth with reformation.
  • Working knowledge of dependency and delinquency laws of the state.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with superiors, public and private officials, clients, families, and personnel in the Juvenile Department and other agencies.
  • Ability to prepare accurate and complete reports and express ideas and recommendations effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to work under stressful situations.
  • Skill in expressing policies of the department to juveniles and their families, public and private officials and the public. 
  • Ability to diffuse client aggression and remain professional and calm, utilizing professional judgment to assure community and self-protection.
  • Knowledge of restraint techniques and hardware and the ability to use these as the manufacturer intended and in such a way to ensure the safety of the youth and the community and within the policies and guidelines of the department.
  • Skill in group facilitation, communication and interaction.
  • Knowledge of community resources for potential participation in the group programs available through the Juvenile Department.
  • Ability to operate a vehicle, the county phone system, facsimile machine, copier, computer and use the word processing program. 
  • Ability to talk or hear. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, and depth perception.
  • Ability to model strong and appropriate work ethic and skills when out at the work site.
  • Ability to reach with hands and arms; stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl; and taste or smell. 
  • Ability to occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds. 
  • Able to secure youth offenders by using the restraint hardware and safe restraining techniques.
  • Qualifications: 
  • Degree Required:  Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Social Work or related field.  Preference given to paid experience in social service, juvenile justice or correctional agency with the primary responsibility of supervising and or counseling youth involved in the Juvenile Justice System.
  • Possess or able to obtain before employment, a valid Oregon Driver’s License and have an acceptable driving record.  Must be able to pass a background investigation that includes a criminal history check.
  • Position Details: 
  • The duties outlined in this job description are not all inclusive and additional duties and tasks will be assigned as required. 
  • This position is “at-will” and either Crook County or the employee may terminate the relationship at any time with or without cause.
  • Work location is Crook County Juvenile Department and off-site locations at times.
  • May receive physical injuries when confronting or arresting offenders.  Visits jails and other correctional facilities. 
  • May travel for custody transports.
  • Exposure to hazards and risks which accompany exposure to clients of the Juvenile Correctional facility. 
  • May be exposed to communicable diseases. 
  • Work while performing the duties of the community service coordinator is conducted outside the office, in all types of weather and settings.
  • Fair Labor Standards Classification: Non-Exempt
  • Crook County is an equal opportunity employer.