Medical Assistant

Prineville, OR



Reports To: JAIL NURSE - RN

Salary Grade:  $3,394.57 - $4,602.99 Monthly

All applications must be received through the link provided below:

I.      Job Purpose: 

This position performs the duties of a certified medical assistant/medication assistant in the jail facility, to provide screening, care, and application of medications to person(s) in custody under the direction of the Jail Nurse, Medical Provider and Public Health Director, to include record keeping of services.  This position works in an office atmosphere with deadlines and a high level of public contact, ranging from congenial to confrontational. This position requires certification by the Oregon Board of Nursing as a Certified Medication Aide or CNA II. This position is responsible for duties that do not require certification by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST).

• Number of Employees Reporting to This Position: 0

II.        Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities: 

• Assist nurses in providing care and medications to inmates as well as take patient history.

• Follow written and/or oral instructions to administer medications and document dosages and times.

• Monitor patients and report changes in condition or vital signs.

• Document all information related to the assessment and needs of the inmate; including all contacts and recommendations from the medical provider.

• Maintain the medical record which includes filing all booking sheets, medication sheets, outside records, laboratory, and diagnostic results. (OCHIN)

• Assist with maintaining inventory of all medical supplies, checking expiration dates, cleaning and sterilizing all durable medical goods.

• Assist with maintaining inventory of all over-the-counter medications; checking expiration dates and ordering when necessary.

• Assist with maintaining an adequate supply of medications for all inmates as ordered through the medical provider. Verify correct medications are received for inmates and supply is only for what is needed until the inmate’s expected release.

• Document all medication to be administered on the medication administration record. Recopy the medication administration record twice.

• Dispose of unused medications correctly, or return to pharmacy for credit if not used.

• Monitor the biohazard waste box and call for pick-up as necessary.

• Release records to other agencies only with prior written consent or contract with Jefferson County for Crook County inmates. (ROI – release of information)

• Maintain confidentiality, quality of services, and respect all individual beliefs.

• Communicate with correction deputies any pertinent information using the pass on log.

• Communicate to the RN any problems or concerns, which the RN may consult with the Medical Director or Public Health Director.

• Keep Jail Supervisor updated on any potential problems with inmates.

• Communicate with pharmacy regarding any medical issues.

• Attend meetings as requested.

• Ensure all doors and medical cabinets remain locked at all times.

• Work with high risk inmates who are brought to the medical room, handcuffed; correction deputies will remain in attendance as nurse is not to be alone with an inmate.

III.      Skills, Knowledge and Abilities: 

• Ability to use a computer keyboard and mouse.

• Ability to use a personal computer and related software, printer, copier, facsimile, multi-line telephone.

• Ability to use general office software including word-processing, spreadsheet and database programs.

• Ability to push/pull objects, lift objects off the ground, from elevated surfaces and carry up to 100 pounds.

• Ability to work with confidential data and reports regarding legal matters on a regular basis.

• Ability to sit and stand alternately for extended periods of time.

• Ability to bend over at the waist, kneel, reach, twist at the waist and walk.

• Ability to hear alarms, voice conversation, etc.

• Must wear/use PPE when in any situation where exposure to biohazard is likely. 

• Ability and skill to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.

• Ability and skill to gain cooperation of others.

• Ability and skill to work with others and to contribute to a positive work environment.

• Must have ability to work effectively with angry, hostile or upset inmates.

• Must have ability to make effective and appropriate decisions under times of stress.

• Must have ability to deal with the pressure of deadlines.

• Ability to cope with the physical effects of acute emotional personal stress (fear, anger, etc.).

• Ability to cope with the physical effects of acute emotional stress of others. 

• Ability to provide service without regard to age, sex, religion, national origin, disability, political philosophy, or lifestyle.

IV.      Qualifications:  

• High School diploma or GED equivalent, with a Certificate or Associates Degree.

• Must have one of the following certifications: Certified Medication Aide or Certified Nursing Assistant II through the Oregon Board of Nursing.

• Minimum 21 years of age.

• U.S. Citizen; or ability to obtain U.S. Citizenship within timeframe allowed. (OAR 259-008-0010)

• Valid Oregon driver’s license by time of appointment.

• No criminal record or extensive traffic violation record.

• Must be able to obtain a CJIS Security Clearance.

• Prior to or on date of hire:

o Able to complete a thorough employment and/or criminal history check.

o Able to successfully pass a pre-employment drug test (not required for all positions).

o Final candidates will be required to provide official proof of college degree and certified transcripts (not required for all positions). 

V. Position Details: 

• The duties outlined in this job description are not all inclusive and additional duties and tasks will be assigned as required.  Not all duties listed will be assigned to all employees in this classification.

• Position is subject to 24-hour call-back and may need to respond to the jail at all hours to contend with problems that are urgent.

• Position has exposure to biohazards.

• This position is subject to and shall subscribe to the Oath of Office and shall be subject to the laws, rules, policies and procedures of the Sheriff’s Office, the County and the State as they apply to all employees.

• Fair Labor Standards Classification: Non-Exempt

• Crook County Sheriff’s Office is an equal opportunity employer