Criminal Patrol Deputy

Prineville, OR




Salary Grade:  $4,720.97 - $6,401.57 Monthly

All applications must be received through the link provided below:

I.      Job Purpose: 

This position is responsible for protecting life and property in Crook County through enforcement of the law and ordinances (County Code). This position provides law enforcement patrol and investigative services. This requires responding to citizen calls for service, deputy initiated activity, handling disputes, conducting investigations, traffic enforcement, civil service, courtroom security, and courtroom testimony. The work is performed in a combined work environment but primarily in a vehicle and secondarily in an office. The work requires a high level of public contact under stressful situations in the community. After appropriate training this position may also serve as a deputy medical examiner and sexual abuse investigator. This position is responsible for duties that require certification by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST).

• Number of Employees Reporting to This Position: 0

II.        Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities: 

Criminal investigations:

• Locate, identify and interview witnesses.

• Locate, identify and interrogate suspects.

• Protect crime scenes, take photographs and collect evidence.

• Log, mark and store evidence, or send evidence to the crime lab.

• Testify in criminal court proceedings or before a grand jury.

• Prepare written reports and/or video recordings of investigations.

• Serve arrest warrants, make arrests and transport prisoners.

Calls for Service (in addition to criminal investigations):

• Provide information or help citizens understand the law as it is written.

• Respond to alarms.

• Assist at fire and ambulance calls as requested.

• Assist other agencies as requested.

• Take information and write appropriate information reports.


• Make the public aware of the law enforcement presence in areas of high crime as well as outlying areas with little crime. 

• Maintain visibility in the community.

• Attempt to locate witnesses, suspects or victims.

• Watch for stolen vehicles and missing persons.

• Watch citizen's property and communicate issues.

• Watch for any violations of law within the city or county or on federal lands within the county.

Civil Service Activities:

• Locate individuals and serve subpoenas.

• Serve restraining and stalking orders.

• Serve landlord - tenant FEDs issued by the courts.

• Serve small claims packets.

• Provide civil stand-by during disputes as required to preserve the peace and prevent crime.

Traffic Enforcement and Accident Investigations:

• Issue citations for traffic or vehicle violations.

• Provide traffic control at accident/fire/emergency scenes.

• Respond to citizen complaints regarding traffic and run radar in problem areas.

• Secure accident scenes, assist and interview witnesses, victims and suspects.

• Request emergency aid and vehicle tow.

• Record information at accident scenes, measure, mark and draw diagrams.

III.      Skills, Knowledge and Abilities: 

• Position must be available for rotating shifts including holiday, evening, and weekend assignments.

• Ability and skill to communicate effectively.

• Ability and skill to gain cooperation of others.

• Ability to work with confidential data and reports regarding legal matters on a regular basis.

• Ability and skill to learn and apply policies and procedures of the office.

• Ability and skill to learn and interpret and apply state laws and statutes.

• Ability and skill to work with others and to contribute to a positive work environment.

• Ability to successfully complete an 18 month probationary period. 

• Ability to push/pull objects, lift objects off the ground, from elevated surfaces and carry in excess of 100 pounds.

• Ability to sit for extended periods of time in a vehicle or at a desk.

• Ability to talk on the phone/radio while using computer. 

• Ability to talk on radio while operating patrol vehicle.

• Ability to read instructions, manuals and road signs.

• Ability to hear alarms, voice conversation, etc.

• Ability to grip and hold a person to maintain control. Hold/restrain a struggling person.

• Ability to bend over at the waist, kneel, reach, twist at the waist, walk, run to pursue fleeing person and stand for extended periods.

• Ability to expend large unexpected and continued amounts of energy to capture and restrain suspects.

• Ability to hold/fire and qualify with office issued weapons.

• Ability to routinely operate a vehicle and operate an emergency police vehicle in a safe and prudent manner according to policy.

• Ability to swim and or tread water.

• Must wear issued body armor during patrol duties. 

• Must wear/use PPE when in any situation where exposure to biohazard is likely. 

• Ability to use a computer keyboard and mouse.

• Work effectively with angry, hostile or upset citizens or suspects.

• Able to make effective and appropriate decisions under times of stress.

• Cope with the physical effects of acute emotional personal stress (fear, anger, etc.).

• Cope with the physical effects of acute emotional stress of others. 

IV.      Qualifications:  

• High School diploma or GED equivalent, some college preferred. 

• Minimum 21 years of age

• U.S. Citizen; or ability to obtain U.S. Citizenship within 18 months. (OAR 259-008-0010)

• Valid Oregon driver’s license by time of appointment.

• No criminal record or extensive traffic violation record.

• Successfully complete DPSST police academy, basic certification within 12 months of hire.

• Must hold or be able to obtain LEDS Certification.

• Must be able to obtain a CJIS Security Clearance.

• Prior to or on date of hire:

o Able to complete a thorough employment and/or criminal history check.

o Able to successfully pass a pre-employment drug test (not required for all positions).

o Final candidates will be required to provide official proof of college degree and certified transcripts (not required for all positions). 

IV. Position Details: 

• The duties outlined in this job description are not all inclusive and additional duties and tasks will be assigned as required.  Not all duties listed will be assigned to all employees in this classification.

• Position is subject to 24-hour call-back. 

• Position has exposure to weapons or firearms, exposure to biohazards, driving at high speeds in all types of weather, and exposure to weather extremes.

• This position is subject to and shall subscribe to the Oath of Office and shall be subject to the laws, rules, policies and procedures of the Sheriff’s Office, the County and the State as they apply to all employees.

• Fair Labor Standards Classification: Non-Exempt

• Position is part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and subject to Association Dues.

• Crook County Sheriff’s Office is an equal opportunity employer